"Annoyingly, a colleague used two of my email addresses to make a number of online purchases. He says (??) he 'ticked' the boxes where it said 'Tick here, if you do NOT want to receive offers from our associate company's' - Within a week I was receiving up to a 100 spam emails per day. After a month, the daily totals reached in excess of 1400 unwanted spam emails!

Fortunately, I found your program, and, after using 3 days of the trial period, I then purchased it. It was a huge task (to say the least!) but, I took a number of hours out of my day to send-out 'Email Abuse reports' all generated in the background, by your outstanding program! Yes, there were a few failures (unable to deduce ISP or Network from headers!) but, they were manageable.

Finally, as of 9:15am yesterday, after a month and more of concerted and dedicated anti-spamming, I am absolutely over the moon to be able to report, That the initial flood of spam emails began to reduce, until finally, for the first time in many a long time, not a single ONE of my affected email addresses has received an unwanted email, for almost 38 hours!!

I am totally, absolutely, overjoyed, that the average 'Joe' (Just like me) with dedicated, single-minded persistence, has finally beaten the spammers! I really, truly, honestly, cannot recommend your software highly enough!! Though I sent in excess of 4000 abuse-reports, this pales in comparison to the massive 81,720 spams I received in total over a 5 - 6 week period!! I managed to get bans/suspensions imposed on 59 'Spammers' on one day alone (8th January 2013). I got one guy banned from no less than 11 networks!! I was also able to give the Police sufficient evidence to apprehend a 'Nigerian Scammer' where my evidence, overwhelmingly, pointed to a character based in New Jersey, USA!!

What more can I say? With some work myself, and your software package doing all the 'detective' jobs, my small investment in your package has repaid me many times over!!

Many, many thanks, I owe you one!! Feel free to refer any 'doubters' in my direction!! "

Barry Hewitt, 65, Wales, UK.

"The time was almost 8 pm, and results were starting to come in. In its journeys to me the email of the 22nd had passed through servers from Amsterdam to Toronto. Unfortunately I had no idea where in the chain these servers stood-which was the first through which it passed on its way to me and which was the last. I dispatched a few emails to a couple of the IP address holders, seeking help in identifying the origin of the email. I even telephoned a company in Canada. But I had no real hope that any of this would get me what I wanted. I turned back to Google for help. Searching 'email tracing' I eventually came across a program named 'eMailTrackerPro' which purported to trace emails back to source. It was available on a free trial basis, so I downloaded and installed it.

Using eMailTrackerPro was simplicity itself. All I had to do was cut-and-paste each header from the email to a window in the Tracker program, then hit the Trace button. Almost instantly the program returned the result: each copy of the fraudulent email I had received had originated through a network owned by a company named NetServices, based in Salford, England. The Tracker program even gave me a contact number."

An extract from an upcoming book about an important criminal case in the UK in 2006.

"Congratulations! eMailTrackerPro is a great tool for determining if an email is spam or "legit". Very easy to use. Once you have used it a few times, and you get what may be spam, it is so easy and fast to check out the email and then send a potential abuse notice to the network that generated the spam email. You almost do it out of habit. It is great when you get a response from the network (such as Hotmail) that they have dealt with the abuser and cancelled their account. You are no longer just a victim. You can protect your email address, cut down the spam and do other victims a favor too. I enjoy being proactive with eMailTrackerPro!"


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