eMailTrackerPro Tutorials

eMailTrackerPro Tutorials are step by step guides on how to use and understand the features and results of eMailTrackerPro.

Simply choose the tutorial from the links below to begin the tutorial. You can return back to this page using the home links on each tutorial or the 'you are here' bar at the top of the page.

Basic Techniques

1. Entering a license key
2. Importing Settings from a previous eMailTrackerPro
3. Perform a trace on an email header
4. Manually add the eMailTrackerPro button to Outlook
5. Setting eMailTrackerPro to launch on system boot

Advanced Techniques

1. Add a new mail account to eMailTrackerPro
2. Set eMailTrackerPro to automatically clean my mail
3. Add an email address to the white or black list
4. Adding a new filter/rule
5. Altering number of lines received for email preview

Having Trouble?

Having trouble locating the header for an email?

Try the header tutorials and see if your email client is listed. If not contact as and we'll try and find out for you.

Headers Tutorial

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