To get to the eMailTrackerPro preferences go to the options menu and choose preferences, as shown below in fig 10:

Options --> Preferences
Fig 10

The 5 tabs available are shown below:

General Tab
My Inbox Tab
DNS Blacklist
Mail Accounts
Column Preferences

General Tab

General Tab
Fig 10.1

There are three options in the General tab, as shown above in fig 10.1.

  1. The first is to choose which tab you want eMailTrackerPro to start on. This can be either the main welcome screen, the my inbox tab or the my trace reports tab.
  2. The second option is a check box, which when checked will start eMailTrackerPro in the systray when your machine boots.
  3. The third option is a check box, which when checked will minimize eMailTrackerPro to the systray instead of the start bar.

My Inbox Tab 

My Inbox Tab
Fig 10.2

There are numerous options for the my inbox tab. There are shown above in fig 10.2.

1) The first option is to choose the default action for eMailTrackerPro. This means you can set eMailTrackerPro to either receive or receive and clean your mail ever 'x' minutes.

For example if it was set to "Automatically receive mail ever 3 minutes" then eMailTrackerPro would check your default mail boxes every three minutes. If it was set to "Automatically receive and then clean mail every 3 minutes" then eMailTrackerPro would check your default mail boxes every three minutes, then once the mail has been received it would remove any email marked to be deleted.

You can set it to never automatically check mail.

2) The second option is how many lines to get for the mail preview window. The more lines that are received the longer the mail will take to receive.

3) The third option is how many tabs to open when tracing a certain number of emails.

For example if "don't open any" is chosen then no matter how many emails you select to be traced from the my inbox view they will all be traced in the my trace reports tab.

If this option was set to "3 emails" then if when you trace one, two or three emails they will be traced in new tabs. If you were to trace 4 emails when this option was set to 3 emails then all four would be traced from the my trace reports tab.

Even if traces take place in new tabs they will still be stored in the my trace reports section.

4) The fourth option is to instruct eMailTrackerPro how to deal with unused blacklist items. This entry is in days. Note if the number of days entered is 0 then eMailTrackerPro will never remove blacklisted entries.

For example if this was set to "90" then any email address that is in your blacklist and is not matched to any incoming email for 91 days will be removed.

5) The fifth option tells eMailTrackerPro how to act when resizing the window. If this option is checked then the columns will shrink and expand to make sure they always fit in view. If unchecked this will not happen.

DNS Blacklist Tab 

For more information on DNS blacklists click here.

DNS blacklist
Fig 10.3

The DNS blacklist section is where DNS blacklist servers can be added, changed or removed.

eMailTrackerPro will, if checked, match all your incoming emails to the DNS blacklists listed in this section. If they are a match then the emails will automatically be blacklisted and set for delete.

To add a new server to the list simply enter the address of the blacklist server into the add new text box and click the add button. The list of DNS servers are checked in the order they appear.

Mail Accounts 

Add a new mail account to eMailTrackerPro
Fig 10.4

To add a new account to eMailTrackerPro click the add button as shown above. Note that only POP email accounts that do not require SSL authentication will work with eMailTrackerPro.

The New Mail Account dialog box will be displayed as shown below in figure 10.5:

Fig 10.5

1. Enter the account name. This can be any name required to help identify the account.

2. Enter the username and the password associated with the pop account you are adding.

3. Enter the pop mail server details, for example

4 . Enter then the pop service port number, this is normally 110.

5. This mail server requires a secure connection (SSL) - If the POP account you are setting up requires an SSL connection (for example Gmail) then check this option.

6. Include this account in default receive/clean - When checked, the account being set up will be included in any default action set for eMailTrackerPro. If this is not checked, the account being created can be checked by clicking on the bottom half of the 'Receive mail' button in the main MyInbox view and choosing the account name.

Once account settings have been configured, click the Test button to make sure eMailTrackerPro can make a connection. correctly click the Ok button. If the test fails then the likelihood is that the username, password or pop server is in correct. Double check the settings with your administrator and/or ISP.

Column Preferences 

Column Preferences
Fig 10.6

The column preferences section quite simply allows you to set which columns you want displayed in the my inbox tab.

To move an item up or down in the visible columns list simply click the column name and then use the move up or move down buttons. To hide a column click the hide button whilst your chosen column name is selected.

To move a column from the hidden list to the visible list simply click the column name in the hidden list, then click the show button. The hide button as shown in fig 10.6 above will change to show once an item in the hidden list has been selected.

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