MyTraces Tab

Click here to view the HTML report for this email Click here to repot abuse for this email Click here to go to the My Inbox tab Click here to view the HTML report for this email

The 'My Trace Reports' tab shown above acts like a database of all advanced traces performed in eMailTrackerPro.

1. World Map - The world map shows the suspected location of the email currently under selection in the right hand pane.

2. Analysis - The analysis pane displays various information regarding the email that as been traced. This information includes the IP address, subject, location, misdirected information, abuse reporting (See point below) and network/domain contact information.

3. New Trace - To start a new email trace from this window simply click the New Trace button to launch the dialog box shown in the basic trace section.

4. View - To view the HTML report for an email simply click the email in the list and then click the View button.

5. Delete - To delete an email from the list either click one or multi select (standard ctrl or shift click keyboard commands. Ctrl A can also be used to select all emails)

6. Stop Trace - When tracing an email directly from the MyInbox tab this button can be clicked to stop the trace.

7. Right click menu - The right click menu can be used to perform a number of functions. The delete and view report options can be done by using the buttons at the top of the email list. The report abuse option allows the user to report an email to the ISP responsible for it.

When using the abuse report option from this menu it will automatically copy the report to the clipboard. If Microsoft Outlook is installed a new email will automatically launch with the abuse address. Simply enter a subject and perform a paste in the main email body to paste the report.

The view header option simply launches a dialog box with the header information shown.

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