User Interface

Figure 2.1 shows the key user selection items documented below:

1. I want to: - The initial start here tab provides a section of 'getting started' links. The four options include trace an email, Lookup network responsible for an email address, view my inbox (advanced edition only) and view previous traces.

The Lookup network option replaced the trace an email address option in version 7. For a correct and accurate trace of an email the header of that email has to be traced (using the trace an email option). The Lookup network option allows to trace an email address which will give you the ISP information responsible for that address, and no more. The location of the ISP will not be the location the email came from.

2. License Information - If you have purchased eMailTrackerPro license then you can click the Enter Key link to bring up the license key dialog box. If you have entered the standard key then you will have the option on clicking the Upgrade License link if you wish to purchase the advanced version.

3. Help & Links - A selection of quick links to help you with the main areas of eMailTrackerPro

4. Straight to inbox - By checking this box eMailTrackerPro will go straight to the My Inbox tab when started (only available in advanced edition).

5. Tabs - The three tabs to start with are Start Here, My Inbox and My Trace Reports. Note other active tabs appear with email trace information as emails and email addresses are traced.

6. Menu items - Standard Windows eMailTrackerPro menu options.

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