Abuse Reporting

The abuse reporting feature is the most valuable feature in eMailTrackerPros fight to stop SPAM and malicious emails. By sending an abuse report to the network responsible for malicious email it could lead to the spammer being prosecuted and/or having the accounts closed. We have had many emails from customers with success stories in having SPAM account shut down.

You can start the Abuse Reporting wizard in one of two ways:

1. By selecting the email you want to report in the 'My Trace Reports' list right clicking, then choosing the Report Abuse option.

2. By clicking the abuse report link in the whois panel shown in the email trace tab

When using the abuse report option from the My Trace Reports window it will automatically launch a browser window with the abuse report included. All you have to do is copy and paste the report into an email and use the abuse address (also shown in the browser window) as the To: address.

When choosing to report abuse from the whois panel (shown below) in any email trace tab then the dialog box below will appear:

Fig 8.1

This option will automatically launch your default email client and open a new email with the abuse email already pasted in the To: section. The report itself is automatically copied to your computer clipboard so you can easily paste it into the email body. Once you have done this click the send button in your email client and the abuse report will be sent.

If you should experience any problems please contact support.

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