Viewing email headers in Lycos Mail

By default your Lycos account will be set not to display full headers. To change this setting the first thing you have to do is click on the 'Settings' link in the top right hand corner of the Lycos window as shown below in fig 1.

Fig 1: Settings Link

Once you have clicked the 'Settings' link the following screen will appear in a pop up window as shown below in fig 2.

Fig 2: Settings

In the settings window above you need to choose the 'Personal Settings' option by clicking on the image shown in red above. Once you have clicked this you will get the settings list below in fig 3.

Fig 3: Advanced Settings

By default the 'Display full header information of received message' option will be set to 'No'. Simply select 'Yes' from the drop down menu shown in red above and then click the 'Save' button, also shown in red. By clicking 'Save' you will be taken back to the previous menu (fig 2) where you need to click 'Close'.

Once you are back to your Lycos inbox click on an email that you wish to trace. When the email comes up you will notice a 'Display Full Header' link to the right hand side of the screen as shown below in fig 4.

Fig 4: Display Full Header Link

By clicking the 'Display Full Header' link a pop up window will launch as shown in fig 5 below. This pop up window has the full headers for that particular email.

Fig 5: Email Headers

To use these headers in eMailTrackerPro you have to follow the simple instructions below:

  • Highlight the headers by clicking and dragging your cursor over the header text. Make sure you have got the whole header as some headers are too big for the window and you will be required to scroll down. By dragging it should automatically scroll down for you.
  • Hold down the 'Ctrl' button on your keyboard and the press the 'C' key once, this has copied the highlighted headers.
  • Open eMailTrackerPro if it is not already open and click inside the dialog box where the headers are to be pasted. The headers should be automatically pasted into the dialog box, if this is not the case then hold down the 'Ctrl' key again and press the 'V' key to paste the headers into eMailTrackerPro.
  • Once the headers have been pasted click the 'Trace' button to initiate the trace.
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