Features / Editions Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Email tracing using the header
Using the header is the only way to detect the likely location
Email tracing using the email address
Tracing the email address only locates the ISP servers
World map location
The location of the trace plotted on a world map
Network Whois Data
Uncover contact details for the network responsible for an email
Domain Whois Data
Uncover contact details for the domain registar
Abuse Reporting
Automatically generated abuse report email
Sender IP address
The IP Address associated with the email sender
Misdirection detection
Alerted to the possibility that an email has been tampered with to hide the location
Outlook Plugin
Currently only available in Outlook 2003 and 2007. Outlook 2010 compatibility should be available in eMailTrackerPro 2013. The plugin allows one click tracing from the Microsoft Outlook Email Client.
Spam Filtering
Set up your email account and stop spam before it reaches your inbox.
Whitelists and blacklists
Add email addresses to a whitelist of blacklist to make filtering your email more efficient.
Supports POP access
Any email account that allows POP access (learn more) can be synced with eMailTrackerPro.
Filter System
Create detailed filters to catch likely spam. Foreign language character filters included (can be removed).
DNS Blacklist
Every email checked against DNS blacklists. There blacklists hold IP addresses for known spammers. Emails that match the blacklists are automatically flagged as spam.

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